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Goal Reports is a provider of web-based director of coaching software. Our solution is designed specifically to help DOC's manage their club, coaches, players and teams.

Thoughts From Our Founder

I'm fascinated by how soccer clubs work - Specifically when they begin to grow. It usually starts with a couple of directors working tirelessly to handle all the tasks.

The problem: Over time the club grows and the directors of coaching get overwhelmed by all the work required to run the club. DOC's continue to rely on outdated communication systems and methods they used when they were smaller. Winging it worked in the past when you were small but it does not work anymore.

More coaches to manage and more work equals long nights managing emails, meetings and constant distractions. Tryouts are a huge pain, work related tasks slip through the cracks, communication suffers and the job of a DOC gets really hard.

Thankfully there's a better way: Goal Reports

We built Goal Reports because we were experiencing the same pains of managing a soccer club. Goal Reports enables Directors of Coaching to more efficiently manage the technical aspects of running a club. It's simply a more efficient way to work.

Please give Goal Reports a try for free. I'm 100% certain Goal Reports can improve how you run your club. If it doesn't, I want to hear about it. You can always email me directly at jerome@goalreports.com.

Jerome Samuels, Founder, Goal Reports

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